What Can BOUNDS Do For Your Program?

BOUNDS Solutions service multiple state and county agency needs.  From Facility Licensing and Enforcement Systems to Facility Incident Reporting Portals to Provider Enrollment and Registry Systems, BOUNDS is an affordable solution for your needs.  Our white labeled solutions are special configurations for specific programs.  Read more about our solutions below, or learn more about our technology and security infrastructure.

Facility Licensing and Enforcement (FLARES)

This configuration supports programs that license facilities.  Whether your program utilizes the full configuration or just a portion of the system, you’ll find the solution an affordable and robust alternative solution to competing products.  Read more about how BOUNDS serves customers with integrated solutions on our case studies page.

The program administration features manage licensing from application to licensure and closure.  BOUNDS users love the application tracking checklist feature of the system. This creates  an easy to read view of the current application  status and eliminates the need for paper folders  and checklists. System users have easy access to  the information when answering phone calls about  status of these applications.  For more information and a demonstration, please contact us.

Key Features:

  • Dashboards for Surveys, Appeals, Complaints, Incident Reports, and Portal Communications
  • Provider portal for notices, annual reports, plans of correction, messaging, configurable forms
  • Provider application activities tracking
  • Enforcements tracking
  • Training and Event Registration System
  • Bulk Notifications
  • Collaborative Survey Documentation
  • Discharge Appeals tracking
  • Quick Number Reporting
  • Canned Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Much More!

Our systems are designed to keep information secure and private.  Read more about our technology infrastructure and application security here.

Provider Enrollment and Registry

For programs working with In Home Provider enrollment and registry, BOUNDS offers an end to end electronic system.  Learn more about how BOUNDS helped California counties solve COVID-19 related orientation issues for providers by reading our Provider Orientation Portal case study.

Our flexible system follows your lead in processing:

  • Application completion activities: See all activities outstanding as well as completed
  • Online videos: Track program of the provider watching the required videos knowing that they can’t complete until the video reaches the end.
  • Online forms: Submit electronic documents through the provider portal eliminating paper.
  • Built in communications: Providers can ask questions via the portal greatly reducing the number of calls into the program. All provider questions appear in the program’s management console allowing you to respond timely and view reports that show the volume of questions by category or type. An entire history of communication with the provider is viewable within the system.  You can even schedule the provider for an online appointment over Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.
  • Training event registration: When you host online or in person events, your program can publish the event to the portal and accept online registrations. No need for third party event registration tools charging saving you those additional costs.
  • Provider registry match and referral: Import your IHSS recipients and start matching with our advanced matching and referral tool.
  • Notices: Send notices on program letterhead templates directly from the system.
  • Batch Announcements and Documents: Keep your providers in the loop.
  • Reminders: At 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 days to complete the application.
  • California compliant Digital Signatures