BOUNDS pricing is based on an annual Computer Access License (CAL) with pricing for each type of configuration.  Every CAL includes our exceptional customer support with portal and chat.  We’re always there for you and we support the providers’ technical questions about the system.

Our reseller agreements with Software House International (SHI) allow many states to purchase BOUNDS without an RFP.

Who says that more expensive systems are better?  Other software vendors, that’s who.  Our customers say our systems are better than the others they have to use.  Even better, our systems are often 33% to 50% less expensive than our competitors.  Now you can have the best system and a budget friendly system.  Systems for licensing programs start at $70,000 per year.  Incident reporting portals start at $10,000 per year and the PEARS configuration is currently on special for $10,000 per year until the end of December.

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The best way to get started is to contact us by filling out our contact form.  Our sales team is also our implementation team so that while our team is busy serving customers, they are eager to hear from you.  Our contact form emails the team which will contact you within 30 – 60 minutes (sometimes less) to answer questions you may have and / or schedule a demonstration.

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